The Dreadful Dawning Of Celebrity Dysfunction

It seems nary a day goes by without the scandalous behavior of a celebrity being noted in the press. Part of this is due to increased paparazzi and remarkable zoom lenses. Part is due to the fact that people close to the celebs love to spill dirt and often get paid for it.

The latest and most spectacular events in the last year or so, of course, have been the antics of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Their battles with addiction have certainly made news as well as made headlines for outrageous behavior of several types.Additional information can be found at

Why does it seem that regular people are so obsessed with celebrity dysfunction? Average everyday people are fascinated with celebrity breakdowns because they are infallible, too. Average folk want to see that rich and famous people’s lives are not always glamorous and fun filled. They have problems, too. And they can’t always just buy their way out of them. In short, people almost enjoy seeing “the train wreck” of celebrities. It fascinates the average folks.

When long ago, in the early days of Hollywood, it seemed that celebrities and movie stars were almost godlike, their weaknesses, illnesses and shortcomings have been exposed more recently.

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