Rookie Celebrities Wish Upon A Star

Chaz Bono has led a quiet and unassuming life. She even led a quiet life when she was Chastity Bono. In fact, the only reason she is famous because of who her parents were. She has done nothing to merit the attention from the press that he gets. Sunny Bono died several years ago. Cher is still living, but she is often considered to be the less people-oriented person of the pair. Even though Chas Bono has stayed out of the limelight, she cannot escape media attention because of who her parents were.

Chas Bono has decided to use his position as a minor celebrity to make a statement about transgendered invidiuals. The decision to go on Dancing with the Stars has sparked controversy, but it may bring him renewed fame. Chas has not backed down from his detractors and has decided to take a moral stance. In fact, he may be remembered more than the new stars appearing in the new sitcoms and dramas of the fall season. Many of these celebrities may not last for very long. Only time will tell if something like Terra Nova gets remembered or not. Many of the new celebrities will look for work after the Novemer sweeps ratings get released.

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