Celebrities Ready For Rehab Rouses Reporters

With so many celebrities on the news today it’s no wonder that news reporters are flocking to them and recording their every action. A lot of these stars live relatively boring lives, but several of them have ended up in rehab and the media absolutely loves to flock to these few people, especially companies which support gossip zines. From Jani Lane and Steven Adler, all the way down to James Hetfield of Metallica fame, there are always a never ending supply of celebrity rehab stories that rouse reporters.

One of the most famous celebrity rehab stories was Steven Adler. He was featured on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab reality show. The ex-Guns N Roses drummer kept people on the edge of their seats as he revealed his heart-wrenching story a little more with each passing episode. He wasn’t the only one who surprised people on the show, however. Warrant lead single Jani Lane was also a part of the series. He wowed fans every day as he struggled to beat his alcohol addiction. Sadly, though he seemed to improve on-screen, he recently died of an overdose. Fans everywhere mourned his death and of course, the media took to the story and covered it extensively.

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