Celebrity Stars Shoot For The Moon

Lady Gaga has endured many insults during the course of her career. Her critics have done her little favors. Many people think the star is Asexual when she has only claimed celibacy. Many people think she’s little more than a teens copy of the 80′s singer, Madonna. Lady Gaga can usually laugh her critics all the way to the bank. It doesn’t matter if Gaga is a copycat or not. People continue to buy her albums and listen to her music.

Even the people who consider her music to be nothing more uninspired pop music may want to take a time out for her latest revelations. Like many of us, Lady Gaga remembers the events of September 11, 2001 vividly. Like many other celebrities, she has decided to use the occasion of the anniversary to share her memories of the event. Gaga is joining other celebrities in sharing her memories and encouraging others to remember the events. Some of the celebrities are generally considered annoying rather than having any actual fans. Members of the cast of Jersey Shore are actual examples of questionable celebrities who chose to remember the event.

The people may involved in the project may be unimpressive, but the attempt itself is not. Many people’s lives changed forever that day. The next few days of American life were jumpy. People were uncertain about what would happen for several months afterward. Civil liberties were eroded and Americans did not complain about it much. Only have the old attitudes about sacrificing freedom for security started to return. It will take many more years for the damage that the attacks did to the nation’s psyche to be undone. Even if the damage to the psyche gets repaired, people still need to remember the people who lost their lives in the attacks.